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I focus my work on supporting women and people who struggle with making their needs a priority.  Maybe you're finding yourself feeling burnt out, but you question this because "I've always been able to manage it before!". Maybe you're struggling with exhaustion, or feeling short-tempered, or even disconnected from what used to bring you joy.

You're often praised for your achievements,
and because you are so frequently able to fly close to the sun, you've convinced yourself that this level of perfection is both normal AND obtainable. 

You're an asset to your people,
however you don't always prioritize you.

You're seeking an LCSW clinical supervisor in NC, who is well versed in community care, DBT, EMDR, grief, trauma, BPD and parenting?

Clinical Supervision

Are you ready to dig into the process of understanding your patterns and your responses? Are you ready to focus on YOUR needs, and create the life you want?

Individual Therapy

Are you a member of the "Sandwich Generation"? Are you in the trenches with your own children?


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It's not always easy or simple to take the first step to take care of yourself. I'm here to help.

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